The population equation: what constitutes overpopulation in America?

Part 1: What constitutes overpopulation in America?  Answer: too many people, accelerating usage of non renewable resources and millions added every year through mass immigration.

After years of scientific study, world travel across six continents and having lived in Antarctica while working with the world’s top scientists—it feels unsettling that countless millions of Americans cannot grasp the overpopulation equation facing America.  They pursue their daily tasks without understanding the ramifications of our civilization adding another 100 million people within 25 years, 138 million by mid century and doubling to 625 million people by 2090.  California alone expects 20 million added within 30 years. (Sources: PEW Research Center, U.S. Population Projections by Fogel/Martin, U.S. Census Bureau)

The Main Stream Media and top political figures avoid, evade and suppress any conversation of overpopulation implications.

They stand arrogantly in their mythology that Norman Borlaug, the man who created greater crop yields, disproved Thomas Malthus’ work.  Note: Borlaug only delayed the inevitable mass starvation with even greater numbers of victims.  While accepting the Nobel peace prize in 1970, Borlaug said: “The green revolution has won a temporary success in man’s war against hunger and deprivation; it has given man a breathing space. If fully implemented, the revolution can provide sufficient food for sustenance during the next three decades. But the frightening power of human reproduction must also be curbed; otherwise the success of the green revolution will be ephemeral only.”

“The power of population is so superior to the power of earth to produce subsistence to humanity that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race.” Thomas Malthus 1798

As the world population grows by 9,500 babies net gain per hour, 220,000 per day and 78 million annually, we race inextricably toward planetary adversity on multiple levels.  Why?  This planet cannot support nor sustain its current human numbers. Our environment falters all over the globe in reoccurring examples of hurricanes, droughts and species extinction rates.

But then you hear individuals or what Colorado University’s Dr. Albert Bartlett calls “innumerates”, intellectually credentialed persons that remain mathematically illiterate, tell us that the whole human race can live in the State of Texas.  Bartlett’s ( worldwide reputation as one of the finest population experts provides us with unequaled understanding of our predicament with his video: “Arithmetic, population and energy.”  Most folks fail to understand “exponential growth” on a finite planet cannot continue.  The reason these innumerates exist stems from the human tendency to use ego defenses, when information unsettles them; denial, rationalization, suppression, projection, et al.  A prime example: the Pope in 1600 jailed Galileo for daring to state that Earth rotated around the sun.

One look around you, or a week of listening to the news, illustrates our accelerating predicaments.  Nonetheless, “innumerates” persist by advocating unlimited growth and expansion.  No matter how much misery it creates, leaders promote it.

Can thinkers and scientists outlast the “innumerates”?  Can smarter, more rational minds lead us away from population growth to a stabilized and sustainable future in the USA and around the world?  If not, Mother Nature’s methods of birth control and family planning exceed anything you can imagine: brutal!

In this series, we will examine the ramifications of adding 100 million immigrants to America and a sum total of 138 million net gain in population by 2050—a scant 38 years from now.  Additionally, we can change course and stabilize our population if we summon the courage as a country.  This video illustrates what we face:

“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the  sustainability for future generations: ,

“We must alert and organize the world’s people to pressure world leaders to take specific steps to solve the two root causes of our environmental crises – exploding population growth and wasteful consumption of irreplaceable resources. Over-consumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today.”   Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer

Frosty Wooldridge, senior writing fellow, has bicycled across six continents from the Arctic to Antarctica to see human overpopulation up close and personal around the planet.

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