Environmentalist and Patriot Frosty Wooldridge’s New Book Encourages Americans to Get Adventuresome—Today!

Frosty Wooldridge, CAPS Senior Writing Fellow, environmentalist, journalist, teacher, patriot and my friend has written a new book with something for everyone titled How to Live a Life of Adventure: the Art of Exploring the World. Whether your passion is mountaineering or canoeing or whether those activities are only two among the many that you’ve always had a hankering to try, Wooldridge’s book offers something to you, especially the encouragement to get going. Frosty notes that once the middle-aged take off on their inspirational travels, the “crisis” often associated with their age group disappears.

Wooldridge worries that overpopulation, which he refers to as the “Titanic” among the social issues plaguing the United States, is slowly but surely paving over those precious wide open spaces where people can get away from it all. Mountains and lakes are now considered prime areas for developers to build condominiums and luxury hotels. Accordingly, Wooldridge’s advice is to get started today!

Readers should consider Frosty’s book as a menu of various adventures that they may want to embark upon ranging from the relatively tame backpacking to something requiring more gumption like skydiving. The book contains valuable “how to” information.

Frosty includes an A-to-Z guide of Internet website sources, magazines, outfitters and tour organizers for each adventure. Links and telephone numbers are provided.

More information can be found here or at Amazon here.

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